Salone Del Gusto

Salone del Gusto

 March 28, 2012.

Salone Del Gusto is back!

The event, after a brief period of stall has returned to “Make pleasure eatable” with even more creativity and joy!

Salone Del Gusto started its first season last September 15 (2011). Every week the coordinators made sure that the guests witnessed organoleptic joy and peace of mind among the most pleasurable of the experiences.

From the inspired mind of its creators, this weekly event embarked guests on a challenging experimentation based on a mixture of food, music and art in every known form.

The main scope of all is to rejuvenate the primitive stimulus of well-being constantly suppressed by the unhealthy rountine each one of us is engaged to.

Make no mistake, 4 is the perfect number to reach the maximum level of well-beingness in the “Salone”. One more or one less would dramatically destabilize the equilibrium and eventually transform the “Salone” in something average with no use to the scope.

Salone Del Gusto. Making pleasure eatable.

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